Becoming Brené Brown

  1. Inclusivity — Brené is inclusive. She tactfully uses her platform to amplify the voices of others, especially women. Recently, Brown co-edited the anthology, You Are Your Best Thing, with Tarana Burke, founder of #MeToo. She doesn’t speak for people or assumes others don’t have a voice. Instead, she creates space for others to share the stage with her, which leads to our next distinction.
  2. Evoking Inspiration — Brené inspires, creates, and develops other leaders. These are people who choose politics, speaking careers, and other leadership roles. The ultimate definition of good leadership is that leadership itself, is a service. Taking a closer look at her work, it’s crystal clear that Brené’s stories serve many as the motivation required to inspire others toward action.
  3. Genuiness — Brené is unapologetic. Brené is committed to living a wholehearted life and showcases this value front and center. For example, on her website, Brené says: “My speaking availability is very limited. In addition to research, writing, and teaching, I’m working on my own wholehearted life. Living this work means prioritizing time with my family, and friends, and creative time.” Today’s leaders need this level of personal and professional boundaries set to run the marathons of their careers and their fullest heartfelt ambitions.
  4. Courage — Brené breathes boldness. In her 2019 Netflix documentary, Brené Brown: The Call To Courage, the keynote speaker delves into her deepest personal reflections, including stories about her marriage, kids, personal failures, and misjudgments. All of these anecdotes and lessons learned, she explains, take a courageous amount of boldness to share publicly. The leadership lesson learned here: Humility and vulnerability are the most courageous acts of leadership.
  5. Transparency — Lastly, as we learned from the previous 4 lessons, Brené shows tremendous amounts of tactful transparency. These leadership lessons of inclusivity, evoking inspiration, and courage combined are simply traits highlighting unique and authentic transparency. This level of openness draws us in and enables us to deeply connect with each other — an emotional soft skill that any seasoned leader needs in their toolbelt.



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Alicia Dunams

Alicia Dunams

International corporate speaker and trainer. Bestselling author. Creator of Bestseller in a Weekend®.