Searching for Expression

Alicia Dunams
2 min readOct 6, 2021


I watched a creative writing webinar with one of my favorite spiritual leaders, Rob Bell, the author of Everything is Spiritual and What is the Bible.

Bell said WRITING is “something that rises in you asking for expression.”

What is currently rising in you that is searching for expression?

Recently, one of my clients shared that there was one of part of her book that was difficult to write. It’s a part of her life story she’s embarrassed of/prefers to bury and avoid.

My coaching to her, “What would it be to honor that story and use it as a tool for healing, growth and to inspire the same in others?”

What if writing can be a transformational process that shifts us from self-protecting/self-centered to others-centric or sharing “our personal lows” as a way to transform others and the world?

As I write this, I think how 2021 has been a difficult time in terms of my own identity (going through a cancer scare, becoming an empty nester, moving to NYC in a middle of a pandemic to be closer to my daughter, changing my business model), so I am choosing to see writing as a spiritual journey and focusing on the good I can create from my experiences.

I ask again, What is currently rising in you that is searching for expression?



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