What’s your ‘life lens’

Alicia Dunams
1 min readOct 7, 2021

Question for you: What’s your ‘life lens’?

I recently watched the documentary Lady Boss: The Jackie Collins Story …

Jackie Collins wrote 32 romance novels, all of which appeared on The New York Times bestsellers list. Her books have sold more than 500 million copies and have been translated into 40 languages. The author is know for creating ‘sexually-assertive’, ‘empowered’, female protagonists….

Yet not everyone saw it that way.

To some, she was considered the “Queen of Sleaze” and, to others, a feminist pioneer.

Matters who you ask.

Some saw her depictions as empowering.

Some saw her depictions as immoral and distasteful.

Some saw her depictions as objectifying women.

The truth is everyone sees life differently based on their “life lens.”

Which begs the following self-awareness questions:

What factors make up your ‘life lens’?
What makes your life lens right/better/superior to others?

Humans are evidence collectors. We find and favor evidence that proves us right. (i.e. Confirmation bias)

Today, I invite you to find and favor evidence that proves you WRONG. Get curious!



Alicia Dunams

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